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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Senior Dads

What do you get for the man who has everything? Choosing Father’s Day gifts can be especially challenging for senior dads, considering that you’ve already had decades of similar gift-giving occasions.

You’ve likely already used many gift ideas, and it can be challenging to come up with something new. If you need some gift ideas of what to get for senior dads on Father’s Day, check out our list and see what appeals to you.

Electronic Photo Frame

Your dad probably has tons of photos of loved ones in the house. He may not have a lot of room for more, but he would love to see them. You can get an electronic photo album that you can even remotely control by adding photos directly from your cell phone. You can also control the speed of display or make it motion-controlled so that pictures change when he walks by. Large-Screen Handheld Games

Whether he’s waiting for a long time for appointments or just trying to pass the time, large-screen handheld games are an inexpensive and fun diversion. You can choose from games like solitaire or Sudoku that will let him have some fun.

An Afternoon Together

What types of activities does your dad enjoy doing? Think back to fun times you may have had together in childhood or things like he liked to do when he was younger. If he enjoys baseball, you can take him out to the ball game. Take him fishing if that’s what he enjoys. Or you can simpling take him out for a nice dinner together.

Something to Read

If your dad enjoys reading, you may want to take him to the bookstore or buy him a gift card to Amazon. He may enjoy even having an e-reader, such as a Kindle. Electronic reading devices like this can be adjusted for large print if he has low vision.

Get Him Involved

Seniors can tend to get lonely and isolated, especially after retirement. But numerous studies show the benefits of regular social interaction throughout our lives. You could sign up your dad for a class or a membership at your local senior center.

Most senior centers offer a variety of activities, one of which is bound to appeal to your dad. Whether it’s a regular card game, fitness program, or educational class, your dad will feel better when he gets to spend time around others.

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