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3 more Ways Seniors Can Boost Mental Health & Well-Being

One in four older adults experiences some sort of mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, and dementia. But incorporating these simple ways to boost senior’s mental health and well-being can help deter such risks and improve quality of life amidst the elderly population! Stay Involved with Family

Keep family ties strong by staying involved with loved ones, as sustaining such connections has shown shown contribute to a number of physical and mental benefits.

Have fun exploring at the nature center with siblings, passing along a favorite recipe to children, and gardening with grandchildren.

And with Friends

Along with staying actively involved with family members, remain connected with peers.

Invite friends to get hair or nails done, see a movie, take a shopping trip, or over for dinner on a regular occasion. Connect with the Community

Connecting with others extends beyond close circles and there are numerous community-based organizations seniors can take advantage of.

Exploring adult day care programs, local civic centers, volunteer work, and faith-based groups are valuable socialization opportunities.

Consider A Pet

But socializing is and can be much more than human interaction… The benefits of elderly owning a pet are quite impressive and include reduced feelings of isolation and depression and increased feelings of motivation and security.

And not to mention, the benefits are not just one-sided. Think about it: Seniors who adopt a pet are providing their new furry companion with a new shot of a loving life!

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